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Straightening and caring for your teeth long term doesn’t stop at childhood – as your dentist will likely have told you, you should always return for a check-up every six months – but for some of us, long-term care and adjustment may be necessary.  Never be embarrassed about a need for braces – there are thousands of grown men and women all over the world who need regular assistance with non-straightened teeth – both from a cosmetic and a functional point of view.

If you are concerned about a pronounced overbite or a number of teeth that just don’t line up the way you want them to, our orthodontic specialists in Heston can help.  We’re proud to be able to offer friendly, comprehensive care on all matters orthodontics – meaning that whether you’re 8 or 18, we will help you identify the root cause of your oral health woes and will propose a plan of action that is both convenient and comfortable for you and your situation.

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Teeth correction doesn’t have to be painful or even long-winded – and with invisible braces amongst some of our more popular corrective services, we’re certain you’ll have the smile you want after just a few weeks of treatment.  A short time of correction can reset a lifetime of dental worries – providing a look that you can be proud of as well as the dental comfort you need to get through the day.  Never feel you should be obliged to take up any of our orthodontic treatment – we’re always happy to suggest and advise, and the rest is of course up to you!

Our expert orthodontist in Hounslow are well-versed in helping children and adults alike achieve the dental results and comfort they need and deserve – and it all starts with one quick call and a short chat with our team to get started.

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